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I am very lucky to have built up some great suppliers over the years. Some I've found, some I've been recommended, but all are all have served me extremely well over the years.  


Only really one choice for me here - Ground Flat Stock Knife Supplies ( David and his troop have never let me down and have a vast range of not only steel but abrasives, tooling, even kilns and grinders. David is a fount of knowledge, too, so if you have any questions, please give them a call - they're really helpful.


I've already recommended GFS above, but there are other general suppliers of abrasives out there, particularly for machine belts in 2x72" and 2000mm. I regularly use Abtec ( and SAIC (, depending on price and offers. SAIC are great in that they can custom make belts to any length !

Handle Materials

There's a whole heap of wood and handle specialists out there that will supply anything from lumber to stabilised blocks and micarta. These are my go-to's : - specialist in exotic and unusual woods, especially burls. Great stock and great service

Feelgoodwood - Instagram and eBay. Neil supplies a lot of woods to the instrument trade, and really knows his stuff. One of my favourite contacts, since I hoover up his offcuts for my resin hybrids. Also does specific knife blanks, stabilised and natural

Blockworks_UK - instagram and Facebook. Henry is a young lad that knows more about wood than anyone else I have ever come across! A master of stabilising and finding elusive species that you've never heard of, always worth a follow.

Fellsideblanks - Instagram. Liam is another stabiliser of speciality blocks, and the colours and densities that he can get are out of this world.

Knife Making Supply/Tool Specialists

A number of companies exist around the world ready to help, but here in the UK I am a big fan of - lots of tools, bolts, brass bits, all sorts of interesting stuff. Also grinders.

Speaking of grinders, I use a HouseMade Revolution 5 that I made from the plans online from Brian and the guys - best grinder design I have ever come across bar none. The plans are $25 online at, and I can't recommend the whole organisation that Brian has put together any higher. He also has plans for the Apollo forge on there.

If you don't want the hassle of building it yourself, then there is an EU supplier/partner at - you can get the parts, or even a whole grinder or forge, direct from them.

There are many other companies specialising in parting us from our money, and their lack of inclusion is not personal ! If you find others, let the world know so that we can share the love and keep them all in business


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