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Hello, my name is Rob, and I have obsessions ...


Making knives is addictive. Once you've made and used the first one, you think about what you would do differently next time, so you have another go. And another. After a while you start making them for friends, and then you run out of friends who need them. What else can you do but start to sell them so you can make more with a slightly different shape, or different handle, or different steel or different woods?

I've been making knives for fun and sale since around 2005, so about 15 years. What started out as playing with spring steel, a hairdryer forge and quick light charcoal from B&Q has morphed into a 2hp electric belt grinder, a professional propane gas forge and a workshop full of steel, wood, patterns and ideas. Many of these patterns have been used to create knives for the kitchen, re-enactment and living history, outdoor sports and bushcraft.

I'm always happy to talk about how I got started as well as what I do now, so if you are interested in starting out and trying to make some for yourself, feel free to get in touch via the Contact page. Although I would also be keen to see you buy one of mine as well - for each one I sell, I can make another ...

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, it's a Mountain Hare, not a rabbit - one of the rare creatures we are lucky enough to have when I lived in the Peak District, and also where I now live in East Ayrshire. One of my favourites - white in winter season, grey/brown in summer, and they are very difficult to spot!

All the pictures on these pages are of places in the Peak District and other favourite places, and taken by me - photography is one of my other passions, and if you want to see more of my work, I've a section on the site here.


Please ask for high resolution copies rather than taking off the website if you wish to save or use the pictures - free for non commercial use ...

All the best


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